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Ideological Bigotry on the Internet

Haeresis est maxima, holocaustum non credere

This blog entry is being created in order to list those Internet sites which we believe clearly demonstrate an irrational and intolerant bias against people who espouse views different from their own. We are doing this specifically because several months ago we chose to acquiesce to the expectations of the moderators of the forum at by removing all references to such sites as in order that members might link to our blog without fear of being banned. We have since decided against subordinating ourselves to such intellectual tyranny. Instead, we intend to identify the offenders so that others might be aware of their offenses.

We do not intend to bait or provoke individuals into such actions, and we intend, as always, to attempt reasonable dialog. Such can be exceedingly challenging in the face of the frequent abusive vitriol exhibited by those who refuse to allow for difference of opinion or who refuse to consider ideas which challenge their views.

We understand that different individuals will exhibit similar behavior for different underlying reasons. Sometimes reactions are a result of having been conditioned to believe certain things which have been accepted uncritically. With such conditioning there is typically a significant emotional element and an associated reflexive behavior. Such conditioned responses are established as part of our social conditioning, and are sometimes intentionally instilled in the population in what can rightfully be called intentional brainwashing. Ideally we should overcome such inappropriate reactive conditioning. It is part of the nature of the human psyche to be susceptible to such manipulation, so it should be accorded a fair degree of sympathy even though the reflexive behavior is arguably wrong at face value.

In other cases people will feign indignation when they encounter ideas contrary to the prevailing dogma, even though they, themselves, do not believe the dogma. Such people are cognizant enforcers of the dogma, and therefore must be viewed as fully accountable for their conduct. Within this category there is a division between those who inwardly oppose the dogmatic tyranny but who perceive it to be desirable to play along, and the willing enforcers who benefit directly from the deception. This final category, the active enforcers, is fully worthy of contempt and animosity.

The former category are the passive resisters. It is difficult to assess the strategic soundness of the practice. To a considerable extent it has the same effect as either being brainwashed and unconscious of the deception or being inwardly supportive. When such a person enforces his or her will on another who choses to dispense with the facade and its concomitant subservience, the enforcer is wittingly practicing intellectual tyranny. As such, the active resister is obligated to accord either type of enforcer with the same hostility. We shall assume this system of responding to intellectual tyrants.

The list will be subject to modification as conditions change. We may, or may not attempt to give a full account of our reason for including a particular site. If a site is listed due to content, it should be assumed that some effort has been made to contact the maintainer in order to communicate our criticism. In the case of forums, it is almost invariably the case that moderators will not discus their motives beyond issuing a blanket decree, at most. It is quite common that insulting and aggressive behavior is accepted and even encouraged toward those of us who hold heretical views, while the same hostility is immediately and strongly rebuked when directed at anyone else. This includes any effort to respond in kind on the part of the heretic. Indeed this is the quintessential double standard.

The list of offenders follows: (We don't blame Gore personally) (especially disappointing) (good content; but some libelous defamation of good people) (mostly good content; but some libelous defamation of good people) (never explained their motives) (among the worst) (likewise) (Troll Central. Hypocrisy in the raw.) (Banned me for mentioning "Holocaust" revisionism) (see below) (A superlative example of irrational bigotry.) (Sam "Il Duce" Rapallo is the admin) (03/21/2008 - all of my contributions were deleted when I was banned.) on Common Dreams) (Where Banishment is an Honour)"I don't censor people on my forum"~Alex Jones. This is in fact not true.)

A few individuals deserve specific mention. They are "arabesque"(denies responsibility), "Col. Jenny Sparks", "truthmod" at and victronix(a pathetic liar).

Added: Thu Nov 29 16:27:03 EST 2007

[url=]Subject: Should "Holocaust Deniers" be imprisoned?[/url]

[quote="Topsy"[Forum Moderator]][quote="Colwyn Abernathy"][quote="Hetware"][quote="OrpheusOfIlion"]what about controversial genocides like the armenian genocide ? personally I don't think it can be called as genocide. but in some countries (France) holocaust denial laws has been extended to Armenian 'incident' as well. Which was done mostly to satisfy armenian voters before an election. which very immoral in my opinion.[/quote]

Geshundtheit.[/quote] :funny: :funny:

My reply which was blocked:
So the extermination of an entire branch of my family and the eradication of almost every record of their existence is funny to you? You are one sick individual!

On the following image is misscaptioned as Mass grave of civilians murdered by the Nazis in occupied USSR. Source: Berenbaum, Michael. The World Must Know. ISBN 0-316-09135-9. Page 96.

According to a close friend of mine who has family from Banat, the image appears in the hard copy of this document: The AVNOJ-Regulations and the Genocide of the Germans in Yugoslavia between 1944-1948, and the correct caption is Rudolfsgnad, Banat Serbian partisans looking into the mass grave of German civilians who had been stripped naked and gunned down en masse during the years 1944 to 1946.

For anybody who examines the image closely, it will be obvious that the caption is a "candy coating" of what is really depicted.

NB: the accounts of my friend, and that from my family are completely independent.

Justice Denied

The following was added as a comment to Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"
Tell that to my grandmother who died last year, still proud of her Sudeten German heritage. In the time of the Roman author Tacitus, the Sudetenland was part of Germania. There were no Slavs anywhere near it. All anybody could tell my aunt after the war when she tried to reestablish contact was "It was a bad place to be German."
"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"
Tell that to my deceased grandfather whose brother CPL George M. Thomas and father Evert S. Thomas, Sr. were on Bataan and Corregidor respectively when Roosevelt stabbed them in the back, and who subsequently died as Prisoners of War.
"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"
Tell that to 9/11 investigators Germar Rudolf and David Irving.
"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"
Tell that to the victims of the Allied firebombings of Dresden and Tokyo
"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"
9/11 is a little lie of history.
"Justice Delayed is Justice Denied"
Tell that to the moderators of and the stj911 forum who banned me for hinting about the longstanding injustices of history which are closely related to the 9/11/01 terrorism.
What is Truth?


blacktygrrrr said...

I was glad to see your column.

My website is specifically devoted to Ideological Bigotry.

It is an ongoing series with me.

Anonymous said...

you can be informed that ...
"There is no such thing as a Palestinian. They are a fictional invented people. They are the Easter Bunny without lucky feet, and in the spirit of the season, are basically Santa Claus, if Santa Claus was a homicide bomber.

Palestinians are Arabs. To be more precise, they are defective Arabs. ...

Arabs in the Middle East spread poison and hatred.

There is nothing that Arabs in the Middle East contribute to this world that is positive.

So yes, the Arabs in the Middle East are the worst people on Earth, and the Palestinians are the worst of the Arabs. They are a defective, recessive, cancerous element in a body that is not that emotionally healthy to begin with.
... and there are no occupied territories. ...

The solution is simple. Every Palestinian that at some point somehow decides to act like a normal human being will be allowed to exist, and nothing more."

It is indeed "specifically devoted to Ideological Bigotry."