Saturday, November 17, 2007

Heinz, Acxiom and 9/11

Below the reader will find excerpts from an article we discovered on Strike the Root. We have not attempted to extract more than a sampling of the content, and we encourage our readers to read the entire article.

It is difficult to determine exactly how cohesively all the pieces mentioned in the article fit together. They seem worthy of attention individually, and are clearly more so if they can be shown to represent a unified model of corruption and treachery.

Why Quit, Henry? Is It Acxiom?

by Jim Rarey
When Dr. K (Kissinger) withdrew as co-chairman of the commission to investigate the 9/11 terrorist attacks after refusing to make his client list public, he bitterly asserted his consulting business represented no foreign companies or governments that would constitute a conflict of interest with his duties on the commission. Although there is no particular reason we should believe anything Kissinger says, for purposes of this article, let’s take that assertion at face value. That would mean if there is a conflict, it must be with one or more of his domestic (U.S.) clients.
Kissinger’s two consulting firms (Kissinger & Associates and Kissinger-McLarty & Associates) advise a large number of U.S. companies. Yes, it is that McLarty, Mack McLarty who was Bill Clinton’s chief of staff and is now vice-chairman of the first firm and partner in the second.
Other examples could be cited, but in this writer’s opinion, the association Dr. K is most afraid might be made public is with the little known company Acxiom.
Hardly a household name (we will try to change that), Acxiom has been selected the lead company to provide software and pull together the network to furnish the information to DARPA’s “Information Awareness Office” (IAO) where John Poindexter of Iran-Contra infamy will prepare individual dossiers on every American citizen and the millions of aliens (legal and illegal) in the country.
The plan calls for the collection of information from a staggering number of sources, such as banks, credit unions, health care organizations, the IRS and Social Security agencies, the INS, the FBI, grocery chains and any number of other companies and government agencies (federal, state and local) that have records of individual transactions.
But even this association might be covered up in these days of managed news. No, what scares Kissinger the most is the control and history of Acxiom itself. The company may be more than just a client. Mack McLarty sits on its Board of Directors, which implies some kind of investment to protect.
...Then how about its original name, Systematics? Now memories come flooding back of the PROMIS software scandal and those associated with it.

When Treasury forced Inslaw into bankruptcy (by withholding payments due Inslaw) ownership of the software wound up with a CIA cutout named the Hadron Corp. Hadron peddled the software to governments and financial institutions around the world, thus giving the CIA backdoor access to the secret information of a number of governments and banks.
...Acxiom/Alltel/Systematics is Arkansas billionaire Jackson Stephens. ...
At Systematics, one of the lawyers Stephens hired to represent the company was a bright young attorney named Hillary Rodham. ... Hillary, Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell ...
Stephens was a financial angel to both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. ...
Another scandal suppressed by the “watchdogs of the press” was the cocaine smuggling aspects of the Iran/Contra affair.
...Contras in Nicaragua, cocaine ... dropped off at a small airport at Mena, Arkansas. Pilot Barry Seal, a CIA asset and drug runner, ... dropping bales of cash in Mena. The drug money was laundered ... through Stephen’s Worthen bank and an ... agency set up by Governor Bill Clinton (the Arkansas Development Finance Authority). ...[T]hen Vice-President George H.W. Bush, ... Caspar Weinberger.
A partner with Stephens ... Mochtar Riady, one of the principals in the Indonesian Lippo Group. ... campaign financing scandals of the second Clinton presidential campaign, with links to the Chinese military.
The Bank of Commerce and Credit International (BCCI) ... became a repository and laundering channel for a broad spectrum of organizations, including the terrorists as well as[sic] Mossad and the CIA.
Later, Assistant District Attorney Robert Morgenthau in New York launched a comprehensive investigation into BCCI until it was shut down by Robert Mueller in the Department of Justice (now FBI Director) and Mary Jo White, Clinton-appointed U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York. White was held over by George W. Bush long enough to deep six the investigation of Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich. ...

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