Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Funeral Fund for Tom McNary

A close friend of ours, Tom McNary recently passed away. Tom was a homeless US Veteran of limited financial means. Many of his friends are in similar situations. We feel it is important to lay Tom to rest with respect and dignity. Tom was well known, and well liked among the homeless and disabled Veterans in the DC area. It will mean a lot to all of us to know that Tom was not simply disposed of in the most expedient and inexpensive manner possible.

Giving Tom a proper send off will take money. Some assistance will come from the tax payers of Washington DC, and some will come from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The remainder must come from donations. If you would like to assist in this cause, please donate using the following button:

The collected funds will go to R.N. Horton's Funeral Home, 600 Kennedy Street NW, Washington DC, and to other expenses, such as clothes to dress him in. Any money left over will be donated to one or more of the charitable organizations which support disabled Veterans.

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