Sunday, May 11, 2014

Eulogy for Michael C Ruppert, A giant among men. (playlist)

Eorthe Mathir 

[Written some time before 1990]

Spinning cosmic dew-drop
Molten sphere of magic star-dust
Gracefully revolving 'round
A brilliant ball of fire

Fragile eggshell surface
Shrouded in the fabric
Of life's mystic tapestry
Infinite in facets
The deepest mystery

Four billion years behind us
In this instant
We now find us
Waking for the first time
In all our history

On time's line we seek to find out
In mind's eye we only find doubt
Is this to be or not to be

A wasteland sphere of desert
Forgotten in its orbit
'Round a tiny point of light
In the infinite abyss

Nothing can change
The way I feel
No, this is a nightmare
That just can't be real

The inmates are running
This madhouse of fools
Whimsical tyrants
Who play by no rules

Decadent habits
That tear at the threads
When the weave is unraveled
The morals are dead

Only wanton destruction
Rules life such as this
In the pain and the hunger
Lives true hopelessness

This feeling is growing
Oh, so deep inside
An ill wind is blowing
There's nowhere to hide

Am I just another fool
Fighting for his time to rule
A madman with a master-plan
To turn this garden in to sand

Can you say what I should do
I want to walk the path that's True
To build a dream for me and you

It seems I've walked so far alone
Out here in the danger zone
I fear my heart may turn to stone

Finite yet unbounded
Seems a problem close at hand
Soon to many faces
And far to little land

Must just one of us survive
Provided all the others die
Or can we not somehow reside
All in Peace here side-by-side

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