Friday, January 12, 2007

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Video alleging Poppy Bush was deeply involved in the JFK assassination.

This video provides some very damning accusations against several people regarding the JFK assassination and related murders. It also hints at a much larger and even more powerful elite hidden behind the named perpetrators. We do not share the producer's level of confidence in the so-called proof. Nonetheless, we have to consider such possibilities when our government becomes so secretive that we government employees are barred, in the name of "national security", against reporting serious crimes committed by high-level officials.

If anybody can verify the following statement attributed to DCI Colby in testimony before the HSCA, please add a comment detailing the source. Oh yeh, [E. Howard] Hunt was there [in Dealey Plaza] alright. He and [George Herbert Walker] Bush were in charge of the shooters [assassinating JFK]. But they weren't really in charge. They were just taking orders from civilians Like Allen Dulles and the Rockefellers.


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An international investigative journalist assisted by a former CIA official is writing a book about English-language newspapers in Europe secretly funded by the CIA and used as cover for their operatives.

We seek information and experiences from former editors, reporters and photographers from the following newspapers:

Rome Daily American (Rome, Italy)

Guidepost (Madrid, Spain)

The Prague Post (Prague, Czech Republic)

The Budapest Post (Budapest, Hungary)

The Kosova Post (Pristina, Kosova)

The Montenegro Times (Podgorica, Montenegro)

We suspect there are many other newspapers, especially in eastern Europe, also being funded by the CIA and would like to hear about your suspicions.

All information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

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