Sunday, March 04, 2007

PNAC/Neocon Crusades

Eyewitnesses, including former CIA officials, give their account on the radical White House fanatics who are running America into the ground, with virtual impunity.

The Vehmgericht is highly suspicious regarding the legitimacy of the critiques shown in these videos. The program is very likely a calculated Public Diplomacy assault, intended to remould popular opinion in an effort to shore up the damage resulting from the recent "failures" in the Middle East. We urge the reader to be very weary of all personalities presented. Both Neocons and their "critics".

I. World According to Bush

The reader is encouraged to view Bush's religiosity with a healthy skepticism. There are strong reasons for believing that Jerry Falwell knows very well that 9/11 was an inside job, and has ties to Wally Hilliard, the shadow owner of Huffman Aviation. The CIA-connected "flight school" where alleged hijackers Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi were "trained to fly". Hilliard had his Lear Jet (N351WB) impounded and forfeited when DEA officers discovered 43Lbs of heroin on board.

II. Who Pulls the Strings

III. Pin 9/11 on Iraq

Curiously, the name Douglas Feith is not mentioned in the discussion of cooked intelligence. His Office of Special Plans was the kitchen.

In PBS's Frontline The Dark Side: Vice President Richard B. Cheney, it is asserted that Powell had been told by DCI Tenet that CIA intelligence support the view that Iraq had WMD. Tenet, himself was reported to have been leaned on very heavily by the Vice President, Mr. Cheney. There is probably no flaw in pointing to Perle and Wolfowitz as driving forces behind the invasion of Iraq, but Feith's treachery deserves recognition as well.

IV. White House Leak - Story of Joseph Wilson (CIA)

The despicable conduct of leaking the identity of a properly behaving CIA agent is, unfortunately, far from the most egregious conduct ever exhibited by members of the Executive Office. It is, however, indicative of where their true loyalties lie. A close examination of Richard Armitage is in order. Not only is he reported to have been audio-taped disclosing Plame's identity, he also has a long history of betraying the trust of the American people, to include running large quantities of heroin from Southeast Asia, and Cocaine from Latin America. He may also have been involved in the reported murder (using sarin nerve gas) of several Americans held as POWs as a result of the illegal opium war in Laos.

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