Thursday, August 09, 2007

Firefighter John Schroeder on Explosions Inside WTC

This 40 minute interview with FDNY's John Schroeder about the event's of 9/11 is solid confirmation that the buildings were destroyed by more than jet fuel.

00:03:22: The Fruit Guy Didn't Show
00:05:00: First Impact
00:05:43: The street was on fire instantly
00:07:20: Elevator explodes at lobby level
00:09:40: "Mayday! Second plane!"
00:10:15: 3rd floor stairwell collapsed
00:10:30: 3rd floor burned body in a closet
00:17:00: Any doubts in the official story? "Without a doubt."
00:20:10: Elevator explosion 5 minutes after impact. Explosions in the lobby
00:24:30: "I'm here to say my piece...It's time. Let 'em do whatever they wanna do."
00:25:40: Describes the collapse
00:26:20: "Tower 1 was commin' down from the interior on us"
00:28:30: People in Tower 2 sent back to work

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Anonymous said...

Go to 00:26:00 to hear a description of WTC 1 collapsing from the inside far below the impact zone.