Thursday, August 09, 2007

Extreme Heat and Molten Steel in WTC Rubble

Witness Accounts of Extreme Heat and Molten Steel in WTC Rubble

Evidence of molten steel and high temperature fires in the rubble. The lead engineer of the NIST report, (official building collapse report) John Gross, denies the existence of molten steel. Note, the narrator talking about molten steel in the middle of this short film is Kevin Spacey from a PBS documentary "America rebuilds" aired in 2002. After the emergence of Larry Silverstein admitting Building 7 was pulled, the documentary suddenly went out of print.

The suggestion in the video that the underground fires were started by burning jet fuel and produced molten steel is utter nonsense. There had to be a heat source well in excess of anything that could have legitimately been in the buildings or on the airplanes.

Ironworkers Express Amazement at WTC Destruction

You couldn't have paid a demolition company to take 'em down straighter.
The grapplers were pulling stuff out, big sections of iorn that were literally on fire on the other end. They would hit the air and burst into flames, which was pretty spooky to see.

The Vehmgericht does not endorse the website advertised in this video.

Firefighter 1: You would get down below and see, molten steel. Molten steel running down the channel rails. Like your in a foundry.Like lava. Firefighter 2: Like a volcano.

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