Wednesday, June 11, 2008

David Cole and Bradley Smith on Phil Donahue 1994

Revised Sun Feb 15 13:36:04 EST 2009

This multi-part video was removed by YouTube once, allegedly for "Terms of use violation". It has since been restored by Fredrick Toben. The program is well worth watching because it demonstrates the extent to which emotion and irrationality can prevail over reason and objective evidence. It also exposes how the mainstream media manipulates such discussions in order to promote such collective delusions as "The Holocaust" and the 9/11 official conspiracy theory.

Holocaust Revisionists Bradley Smith and David Cole on the Phil Donahue Show 1994

I know there will be plenty of you who will want to argue and debate on the topic this clip deals with. I would suggest that you take the debate into the forums of the Real Open-Debate on the Holocaust website:

There you will be able to read the various conflicting arguments on this topic and contribute your own arguments to the debate. You also won't have the word limits you have when posting comments on youtube.

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