Thursday, March 27, 2008

Censored on Common Dreams

This was posted to as a comment to an article written by Ray McGovern. It very quickly vanished, then reappeared with a message saying that it was pending moderation. IOW "pound sand".

I'm sure the significance of petroleum was not lost on Uzi Arad who concentrated on the subject of global petroleum reserves in graduate school. That is, of course, the same Uzi Arad, former head of Mossad, who is the Founding Director of the Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS) of the Ronald S. Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, named after the same Ronald S. Lauder who was Chairman of the New York State Research Council on Privatization, responsible for the July 24, 2001, World Trade Center Privatization Agreement.

Hint: FRONTLINE isn't going to tell you this!

After I saw that the post was blocked, I decided to post it without the links, but that post never appeared. There is clearly something in the content that the Common Dreams censors don't want on their site. As can be seen by following the links, all of the material is authoritatively sourced.


Oberststuhlherr said...

Since posting a link to this blog on, my account has been placed on moderation, and none of my posts are appearing there.

Matthew Lintzenich said...

Common Dreams is currently very heavy-handedly censoring any comment even slightly critical of Barack Obama. They claim to be a progressive community, but obviously the moderators want the world to believe that 'progressive' really means whatever their opinion is.

Anonymous said...

I was censored last night on Common Dreams for stating my disappointment with Obama, that his Mideast policy is looking like a third term of Bush, single-pay is off the table, etc. I posed the hypothetical question whether the editorial staff at CD were happy with Obama, or naively disappointed -- and we're to believe they didn't see it coming. For this, I was banned. I've directly insulted my local corporate newspaper, and never been banned. CD is the most heavy-handed political venue I've come across.

Mike Gerge said...

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