Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Was Mossad Behind Spitzer's Downfall?

We are not apologizing for Spitzer's criminal and immoral conduct of soliciting a prostitute. On the other hand, we have to point out the blatant disparity between the degree of Spitzer's acknowledged wrongdoing, and the abject criminality that permeates the United States government at the highest levels.

Here's a bit you might not be aware of regarding the Spitzer scandal. Spitzer has connections to Larry Silverstein, Jerome Hauer, Michael Cherkasky, and Kroll. If you know anything about the WTC Privatization Agreement of July 24, 2001, and the death of John O'Neill, you will understand why this is significant. In our assessment, all evidence points strongly to the probability that Spitzer was taken down by Mossad. Best we can gather, Spitzer holds a mono-citizenship.

It is inconceivable that planes carrying tons of cocaine can be flying into the US of A without anybody noticing unusual banking transaction, while the detection of Spitzer's hooker tab causes his downfall.

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