Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jimmy Carter: US Politicians are Beholden to Israel

I understand the political pressures on any candidate in the United States of America, who's running for office as a member of Congress or senator or governor or president. They can't possibly approve my doing anything with which the government of Israel disagrees. So I don't criticize him or Senator Clinton or Senator McCain for their inevitable and understandable criticism of my actions. ~ President Jimmy Carter

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DeWayne said...

The American people are beginning to see through the censorship of Zionist control over the US-Gov and Media, which means that in the near future there will have to be a drastic change.
This worries me concerning the true (religious) Jewish people obedient to God and Torah that had lived in Palestime well before secular-Zionist, and as long have spoken out against the viciousness and dangers of Zionism. Yet change must occur, and this evil must be resolved.