Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove:reprised

This updated version of Bohemian grove features extra footage and commentary on Alex's infamous infiltration of the elite ceremonial compound, including footage from inside the owl. For the first time in history the occult pagan rituals of the global elite are captured on videotape. Witness bizarre mock sacrifice ceremonies undertaken by the world's elite.

This is the third version of Bohemian Grove, with extra footage added.

The Vehmgericht does not fully agree with Alex Jones's assessment of the religious connotations of the Bohemian Grove ritual, but we do find it very interesting that it does take place, and we firmly believe that Alex has exposed something that the general public should be aware of.

We find a dilemma in the competing interest of the right to privacy, and the right of the public to know what our leaders are doing. We offer no resolution to this dilemma. It is merely pointed out so that the audience might ponder it.

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