Sunday, September 24, 2006

Total War Against the Strawman

This is a case study in disinformation. Note the assertions:
"They have used this interview as evidence of a conspiracy".

Who are the ineffable they?.

The Vehmgerich finds the fact that four airliners went significantly off course at the same time and (are reported to have) subsequently crashed, three into highly significant structures, and the fourth under very peculiar circumstances, to be evidence of a conspiracy. It is our firm belief that anybody who is aware of the course outline of the events of 9/11/01 and denies there was some kind of conspiracy involved is either abjectly stupid or hopelessly insane.

"In fact that clip is seen over and over again on all the conspiracy theorists (inaudible) books and web sites..."

We assume James Meig is talking about people who speculate about the unresolved details of the events of 9/11/01, and about who was behind the planning and execution of these terrorist attacks. Following that logic, we should find the clip in question on the 9-11 Commission, NIST and the World Trade Center and FEMA World Trade Center Building Performance Study web sites. We do not see them there. As a matter of fact, we are not aware of any web sites which show this particular video clip.

Since we do speculate about the matters under discussion, we certainly fall into the category of "conspiracy theorist". We will also grant that one can (now) view the clip from our "web site". It is part of the video under discussion. Of course one can see the clip in its entirety here. Even more worthy of note is that the audience will not find here any attempt to refute the veracity of the witness account contained therein. We firmly believe that American Airlines flight 77 was electronically hijacked and, used as the missile that hit the Pentagon.

We of the Vehmgericht wish to express our deep gratitude to the brave strawman who selflessly gave his life defending us against this merciles asault. Do to his bold action we have survived unscaithed.

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