Monday, September 25, 2006

Ruby Ridge Documentary

A documentary on the Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge

Notice that Randy Weaver's transgression which provoked the entire terrorist attack against his family was to refuse to sell his soul. The FBI is accustomed to manipulating peopel by entrapment and subsequent leveraging of the resulting compromise. The actual offense into which the FBI had entrapped him was frivolous. Either the FBI simply wanted to demonstrate their absolute tyrannical power over US citizens, or they were motivated by a desire to quash Weaver's opposition to the growing tyranny of the global banking cartel. It may be the case that these seemingly distinct motives are merely two perspective on the same underlying mechanism.

The Vehmgericht is curious about the life and personality of the late Mrs. Weaver. We know how she met her death, but we know little of her life. Who was Vicki Weaver?

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