Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Hijacker Gene?

Flight 93 Remains Returned

SOMERSET, Pa., Feb. 26, 2002

Officials identified remains through fingerprints, dental records and DNA. They had been stored at a temporary morgue in Somerset.

The hijackers' remains will stay in the county, Miller said, and may eventually be turned over to FBI investigators.
Flight 93 Remains Returned

We would like to know how the remains of the alleged hijackers were conclusively identified. Did they carry a special hijacker haplotype?

There is something very suspicious with this report. It seems that this was not a crime investigation, it was a bad Hollywood script.

People acting as official spokesmen for the FBI have acknowledged that they are not sure who the hijackers really were. Nonetheless they have continued to display the likenesses of the accused on their web site. If they don't even know who the hijackers were, how can they identify the remains of people as hijackers?

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