Thursday, September 21, 2006

Slavery in Our Day (USA)

Conventional wisdom of most Americans is that slavery is a thing of the past. Sadly, this view is not supported by the available evidence. Today there is substantial trafficking in human beings. The victims are usually women and children who are forced into prostitution. This tragic and immoral practice is largely ignored by the MSM in the United States.

One example from recent history shows both the proximity to mainstream American society of this despicable conduct, as well as the amazing degree to which these crimes have been concealed by those entrusted to inform the public of such matters. This is the case of a peadophile ring operating in America's heartland, and servicing some of the wealthiest and most powerful members of society. It is the case of Lawrence E. King who gained notoriety during the so-called "savings and loan debacle" for his financial misdeeds, but whose far more serious crimes were purposefully ignored by the MSM.

The quality of some of the images in this hour-long video is poor. It is a cutting-room version which was salvaged when the company producing it destroyed what they believed were all copies of the production.

It is difficult to determine how much of what is accused is actually true. There are certainly corroborating stories in newspapers from the period, and subsequent to it. For example there are the cases of Craig J. Spence who was allegedly a partner in crime with King, and Russell E. "Rusty" Nelson who was allegedly a photographer working for King taking compromising pictures at peadophile "sex parties".

There was also a report in the June 29, 1989 Washington Times about male escorts taking midnight tours of the White House. According to one of Franklin's victims, Paul Bonacci, Franklin was involved in the abduction of Johnny Gosch. There has been speculation that Johnny D. Gosch may be James D. Guckert, aka Jeff D. Gannon. Who gained notoriety in the White House press corps scandal. At one point Gannon/Guckert agreed to submit to DNA testing to prove he is not Johnny Gosch, but no results have been made public.

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