Thursday, December 06, 2007

Reply to Libel Posted on 911blogger

Update: Sat Dec 8 07:14:51 EST 2007

911blogger has removed the offending post from their server. It remains on the author's personal blog:Black PR and proof of Paid Internet Shills

If 911blogger posts this, it will be deleted from the Vehmgericht Blog. For now it serves as an alternative medium.

Black PR and proof of Paid Internet Shills--and what to do about them

To the 911blogger moderators: I understand that this borders on a violation of your policies. OTOH, I have been specifically identified by "Col. Jenny Sparks" in the above with the clear intent to insinuate that I am somehow being paid to participate in 9/11 forums with the objective of disrupting or of achieving some other nefarious end. Furthermore, I was banned from what 911blogger calls "our forum" for reasons which were never made clear, but my inference was that it was because I was banned from STJ911 and 911blogger. My read access is also blocked, so it is right to say the following was produced behind my back by participants on your forum where I have no recourse to defend myself. My name is Steven Thomas Hatton. My father James H. Hatton Jr. is in regular attendance at the dc911truth meetings, and can verify both my identity and the independence of my 9/11 work from any organization, private or government. I am not being paid for what I do, and the opinions I express are very much my own. I left a very good job with Northrop Grumman because I could not reconcile what I was doing with my values. I have been living off of a dwindling savings so that I might dedicate myself to determining what is behind 9/11 and similar crimes, and find a way to correct the problem. I love the United States of America, and I don't need anybody to pay me a bloody red cent to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have the right to defend myself against the baseless libel promulgated in the following. My comments appear in [square brackets]

Is the Oregon Truth Alliance "Grassroots" or "Astroturf"?
from Jenny's diary~

We're going to play "connect the dots". Whether it's fair or not, we are judged by our allies and supporters. Unless we go out of our way to qualify the relationship, people will make assumptions by association, whether explicit or implicit.

Below is a rough chart of associations cobbled together from the events of the past three weeks. It is by no means complete--just a beginning{EDIT--underscores show horizontal connections--the dashes are just to keep spacing. Sorry for any confusion!}:

---------------------------------------- Team Larouche

----Vermont Greens____?_____Lyndon Larouch
----Bruce Marshall__________Webster Tarpley_____Jim Fetzer____NicoHaupt
------------ |-----------------------------------|--------------------- |
--------Craig Hill---------------------John Leonard----------Capt. Eric May
------------------------------------------------ |--------------------- |--- (Portland Nuclear Inquest)
-----------------------------------------Leland Lehrman-----Ginny Ross
-------------------------------------------|-------(Oregon Truth Alliance,PDX 911Truth Alliance)
------------------------------------------------ |
-----------------------------------------Dick Eastman

So let's analyze the players: ...
Webster Tarpley--once highly regarded 911 researcher. Now little more than a joke everyone is eager to forget. But it's hard will the following defending him--
[SEE this review by Amazon's 1# non-fiction reviewer: ]

..."Epimanes" a man

(or woman?) of many faces, that is "sock puppets". [Wrong. I just use different nyms on different servers, in different incarnations. Big deal. I've been doing this for years. I typically give signals to people so they can identify me in a different incarnation than they are familiar with.]

Banned from 911Blogger for linking to Holocaust denial sites to support his arguments.[Since I never did that, your assertion is nonsense. Unless you are talking about the link to the transcripts of the Nürnberg IMT: The Nuremberg War Crimes "Trials" . Furthermore, nobody has ever explained to me why I was banned, so how do you know? When I asked, the most informed answer I got was along the lines of "beats the sh!t out of me!"]

...Dick Eastman ... suggesting many of the 911 sites, including 911Blogger and are run by government agents. [Healthy skepticism is always in order in an environment such as this. Did he specify whose government?]

What do all these people have in common? They ALL support and endorse the Kennebunkport Hoax and none of them believe Webster owes an apology for calling four of the alleged signers "Dahliar 4", among other insults. [Since I am named in your allegation, it is incumbent upon you to provide clear evidence to prove your claim, or to retract it. I will tell you right now, I have never had, so I have never expressed a conclusive opinion regarding the KW and who signed what or why.]

[...]Quote: FETZER: You'll like this Webster. I got an email from Captain Eric May--who's a retired Army intelligence officer--and one of the best and most astute critics of what is going on in relation to 9/11--who sent the following--" I believe that you"--he sent this to you, but I know you may not have seen it yet--"are right that the more prolific of our antagonists in the Kennebunkport Warning matter were professional agitators.
Take one example: Col. Jenny Sparks who was harrassing the Oregon Truth Alliance, led by Ginny Ross, and the Portland Nuclear Inquest, which I lead, in the weeks before the Kennebunkport meeting. In typical agitator fashion, she claimed to do so in order to defend the 911 Truth Movement and debunk our alarmist alerting Portland to the dangers--alerting Portland to the dangers of a nuclear simulation, Noble Resolve. She and cohorts infiltrated both group lists and threw monkey wrenches in every direction before getting the boot. As a lasting memorial of the encounter, they then set up their own user group made of a mixed set of a dozen agitators and useful idiots, largely dedicated to damning me and brow beating Ms. Ross. Every once in a while I read it for amusement."
Now, I think that those of 911Blogger need to wake up and smell the roses--the movement has been massively infiltrated, and they maybe unable to sort things out. One of the reasons being that is a closely closed operation on Blogger. They operate with a kind of group think, Webster, where anyone who veers outside of a certain narrowly defined channel of researches is assulted savagely, verbally on the list. [Curious.]

Soon after imgstake found this(Thank you, imgstake!), Mr. Lehrman got himself banned from And he's not the first to be banned over trying to mix Holocaust shite with 9/11. "Ephimanes" was banned from 9/11 Blogger soon after linking to this site: [see Sparks's post for the link.]

Now three people defending the KW hoax, who are also willing to associate themselves with various forms of anti-semitism, and try to mix it up with 9/11 Truth, sounds less like a coincidence and more like a strategy. But what could that be? [I merely referred interested 911blogger participants to a site where the off-topic discussion entered upon was topical.]

... Jews ... Jews ... Protocols of Zion .... Jews did 9/11 ...

Quote: TARPLEY: Now the other slander that we've got--and this is now the Berlet Brigade--Micheal Wosley joins in.
Grassroots activism? We doubt it. The Oregon Truth Alliance...[Jenny, ol' boy, this is the other Washington. You know, between Maryland and Virginia.]

That tells us all we need to know.[Don't it though? Far's I know, Bremer isn't Jewish. But push that meme Jenny!]

And now for something even more shocking. This appears in the same thread as the above, and was posted by Victoria Ashley:

Post Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:04 am

FYI, Epimanes is someone who was working the Scholars forum and at this forum under the name "Tim Ossman." Someone I know located his connections to the pentagon and defense industry. He claimed to have left those, but it's unlikely he ever really did.

An interesting mixture and good to learn from -- a constant flow of tantilizing videos, factoids, observations, family history, DC & DoD experiences, etc., mixed with intense intermittent holocaust denial, mind control, personal attack[search STJ911 for "that's funny" and "Mathematica" to see what Vic's burned about.], support for Tarpley etc., making it easy for disruptors or unwitting forum participants to get sucked in and defend how important he was for his contributions, while in reality his purpose was to disrupt.

He really ramped up as the anniversary approached. [Whatever.]

Classic & formula.

BTW, I have never met any of the people named above, other than my father, and I have never communicated with any of them save 1 or 2 unsubstantial emails.

Verifyable evidence of my identity.
Verify it.

Fire away Sparky! (Damn! I am too generous!)

Cassis tutissima virtis. Nil conscire sibi.


Col. Jenny Sparks said...

"Jenny, ol' boy, this is the other Washington. You know, between Maryland and Virginia.]"

Maybe your massive intellect missed this, but there's this amazing network between magical information boxes that allows people what don't live near each other to communicate over vast distances.

It's called the Internet, bonehead.

I can't help but noticing you say I posted the OTA=ASTROTURF blog at 911Blogger--which I never did. Odd that. As odd as you pretending you just found it--when we both know you knew about it when it was posted in Sept.

Who knows what you're on about. But there's something you say here what sounds EXACTLY like something what that a mate of mine tells me someone else said about me:

"Fire away Sparky!"

Makes one wonder, it does.

Be seeing you...

Oberststuhlherr said...

"I can't help but noticing you say I posted the OTA=ASTROTURF blog at 911Blogger--which I never did."

Uh, no, Sparky, wrong again. Go find someone with the ability to understand modestly complex reasoning and ask them to help you understand what I said in the introductory paragraph.

"As odd as you pretending you just found it--when we both know you knew about it when it was posted in Sept."

First of all, my read access to that forum was blocked using my primary IP address, so I have to jump through hoops to access the content. But more significantly, I have to ask why you would be surprised to find that I don't read the tripe you post? I found that post purely by accident while looking for something completely unrelated.

Oberststuhlherr said...

And now I have to do something truly painful. I used an epithet to attribute something to Sparky which I do not know to be applicable. I, therefore, apologize for calling you a crypto-****. Sorry Sparky, even you don't deserve to be unfairly characterized in that way.