Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Zionism is a Grave Threat to US National Security

The following is a response to a post on 911Blogger called Growing Discussion Among 9/11 Truthers of Israeli Involvement in 9/11

Zionism is a subject people are afraid to talk about. Indeed, we are often accused of "antisemitism" for merely speaking the word. At the same time we are frequently accused of being prejudiced against Zionism out of ignorance and a lack of understanding. That's a rather difficult position to be in. No matter what we do, we will be disparaged if we do not silently accept everything done in the name of Zionism without question or objection. It is certainly not the American way. We will therefore defy this injunction and speak our mind freely and frankly.

Judaism is an ethnic religion. Political Zionism is Jewish Nationalism. It is not a religious movement. It is a political movement. Take for example

Understanding Jewish Nationalism

What is Jewish nationalism and it's relationship to Judaism? How can an understanding of Jewish nationalism help us understand the meaning of being a Jew in today's world?

There is a lack of understanding in the world today of the concept of Jewish nationalism. Both in ancient times and in the Middle Ages the Jewish people was unique in its culture, its' religion and its fates and puzzled detached observers. But in modern times Jewish nationalism has become enigmatic to Jew themselves, while for the non-Jewish observers it is no longer a mystery to be probed but a blunder odd, ridiculous or abhorrent best ignored and silently distained. There's the rub. Though it be an enigma to its own people, Jewish Nationalism refuses to disappear from the worlds and in its fight for survival it compels the surrounding nations to pay it a high degree of troublesome attention, far in excess of' what "should" be paid to this nation, considering its small size and strength. Apparently, the hostility demonstrated against Zionism even in the thinking of loyal Jews stems largely from the incomprehensibility of Jewish nationalism judged within the context of historical experiences or philosophies that bear no relevance to it.

Quite frankly we don't accept their premise of hereditary origin in the land now called Israel. We therefore have no reason to even entertain the legitimacy of their claim to it by hereditary right. But pressing that issue is not our goal. There is a more important issue which has long been neglected. That is the relevance of Zionism to US national security.

Zionism is, by definition, Jewish Nationalism. It is the profession of the belief that the land now called Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people of today whose ancestors allegedly originated there centuries ago. It further asserts that the Jewish people are a nation whose rightful geographic domain is in the Levant. A Jewish Zionist therefore holds that he or she is a member of that nation. Logic dictates that a Zionist Jew considers himself or herself to be an Israeli national, and places his or her first loyalties with Israel.

Another facet of Zionist ideology is found in the seminal document of modern Political Zionism. This document The Jewish State written by Theodore Herzl states the following:
However much I may worship personality-powerful individual personality in statesmen, inventors, artists, philosophers, or leaders, as well as the collective personality of a historic group of human beings, which we call a nation--however much I may worship personality, I do not regret its disappearance. Whoever can, will, and must perish, let him perish. But the distinctive nationality of Jews neither can, will, nor must be destroyed. It cannot be destroyed, because external enemies consolidate it. It will not be destroyed; this is shown during two thousand years of appalling suffering. It must not be destroyed, and that, as a descendant of numberless Jews who refused to despair, I am trying once more to prove in this pamphlet. Whole branches of Judaism may wither and fall, but the trunk will remain.

That unambiguously declares that the destruction of another nation for the sake of advancing the interest of the Jewish nation should not be regretted or avoided.

Israel is a foreign country, with interests and objectives different from those of the United States. Nonetheless, even a cursory examination of the role, in the US, of Zionists who are immediately and intimately connected to the national security apparatus of Israel will show that such people are frequently also high-level participants in US national security institutions such as the Department of State, the Department of Defense and throughout the private sector defense industry. When legitimate news reports describing issues of Israeli spying on the US are published or broadcast, they are met with a cacophony of condemnation by the Israel Lobby. Common knowledge within the US national security community is that it is hazardous to one's career to voice criticism of US policy toward Israel or even to suggest that Israeli operatives within the US pose a national security threat. In terms of national security that de facto policy can best be characterized as insane.

Now we're not saying that the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks were committed as part of the official policy of the State of Israel. We are also not saying that it was solely the work of people within the Zionist Movement, or that it was in any way the formal policy of the WZO. We are saying that if a faction within the Israeli intelligence apparatus wanted to commit an act of terrorism against the US, they would have little problem carrying out such an attack. If that faction had allies within the US national security apparatus who were willing to cooperate in a sophisticated terrorist attack, we could certainly expect to see a 9/11 carried out as it was.

But there has to be another area of control in order that the perpetrators can commit mass murder with impunity. Whoever perpetrated the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks has allies with incredible control over the content of mainstream media within the United States. It has long been argued that Zionists have exactly that power. Unfortunately, the sector of the American system which is least investigated and exposed by mainstream or even alternative media is the mainstream media itself. This is an area in need of serious investigation.

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