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RE: 911blogger|Guilt by Association is the road to tyranny.

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Guilt by Association is the Road to Tyranny!!

Posting a fact someone writes, is not an endorsement of everything they've done from cradle to present. If a fact is correct, its correct.

For example, I have always been a supporter of the Simon Weisenthal Center and their tolerance work. Does that mean I agree with every political position that everyone associated or quoted or referred to by the Center has ever made? . . . of course not. I doubt anyone agrees with everything anyone has said or written. has NOTHING on its site that is racist or anti-semetic!! NOTHING!! When I was on 911Truth and since then the board has been meticulous in being certain that none of the . . . in my opinion cointel pro government anti-semetic information meant to discredit good people and organizations questioning 9/11 . . . ever touches the pages of their wonderful website.

This is a slippery road, that smacks of Macarthyism, the Cultural Revolution, and all the tyrannical attempts to destroy people's characters by smearing them in any way they could, with any obscure thing they could dig up.

911Truth's house is clean. They are not an investigative agency. Their job is editor of their site. I defy ANYONE to find ANYTHING on or that could be in any rational person's mind . . . racist or anti-semetic.

You won't find it. Both of these fine organizations deserve a VERY public apology from Simon Weisenthal Centers worldwide, and from the person above that tried to smear them in a guilt by association.

What is happening begins to emerge as a pattern of smear attacks and clever propaganda attacks. I saw a documentary "The Protocals of Zion" which was a good documentary about racism . . . UNTIL it began to merge people carrying "Stop the 9/11 Cover Up" signs with an ominous voice over about hate and neo nazi movements. This is preposterous and dangerous, and must stop.

Legal actions should be taken for defemantion of character. Enough is enough. I believe that when 9/11 was perpetrated, cointel pro was set up to have lunatic fringe anti-semetic posting, etc. to get Americans to turn away from ANYONE questioning 9/11.

This was a way to get tolerant New Yorkers, and New York Media, to turn off their logical thought regarding 9/11. This isn't new. The FBI did it to the peace movement in the 1960s. The CIA pulls stuff like this all over the world. The attack dogs have come home to roost.

MANY OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT WERE/ARE JEWISH. One leader of 911truth's grandmother died in the death camps in Germany. Stop this nonsense.

Argue the facts of 9/11. It is the only honorable thing to do.

If you are talking about Marc Levin's video:

I found it fairly balanced, and informative. You can find lots of clips of the Urban Moving Systems dancers on the net, but very few of them give credit to Levin for making it available. I find all the reactionary behavior exhibited by both SWC, etc., and the extreme right to contribute to the inability to rationally assess these issues. I strongly suspect such polarization is the objective. When people talk about Zionism, it usually gets the connotation of "paranoid Zionist conspiracy theory" tacked on to it. Nonetheless, there really is a Zionist Movement. It is very well organized and far from being a secret to those who put aside the hysteria long enough to engage their brains. As far as I can tell, all the information found here about it is very well sourced: Political Friendster, Zionist Movement

I even found a document called:

JUNE 10, 2007

It's nowhere near as colorful as the infamous "Protocols".

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