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The 9/11 Truth(sic) Police vs. 9/11 Truth

The following is from a 9/11 mailing list.

ATTN: Dr. Legge, Dr. Jones and Kevin Ryan, I apologize for the distraction. I believe this is something worthy of your valuable time.

... Jews ... Jews ... Protocols of Zion .... Jews did 9/11 ... - Col. Jenny Sparks

Jews control the media. - Victoria Ashley

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After having spent considerable time collecting my resources and formatting a somewhat complex layout, I attempted to preview it, only to learn that my access had been denied to the parent resource. That caused me to loose all of my work.

Their high-handed behavior is outrageous. And they do this anonymously?

I'll give Victoria Ashely credit for identifying herself with her treachery. She has, however, said much behind my back. One truly outlandish and mind-bending example is on this page which was linked in my previous message.

Reply to Libel Posted on 911blogger

What ever happened with the right to face one's accusers ??? This is just hateful.

Being hateful to me is something I can live with. I'm accustomed to it. But you have identified much of what I find offensive about their behavior. Indeed, they conduct themselves in a way which is contrary to the principles and values which I am defending through my 9/11 Truth efforts. Dr. Jones encourages us to "rally around the Constitution", to which I will add: it is not the letter of the law, but rather the Spirit of the Law that matters.

Why would anyone want to be part of such a group ??

For me, it is because there are people who participate in these forums whom I respect, and with whom I wish to carry on a public dialog. Indeed, I have the sense that it may well be the objective of people such as Mr. Jenny Sparks to isolate the leaders from those who are capable of providing valuable input. IOW, it may be artful subterfuge.

It is mind-boggling that "Col. Jenny Sparks" is accorded anything but contempt. I smelled a rat the first time I saw his nym and googled for it. I've been online in unmoderated newsgroups going on two decades. I know a potty-mouthed troll when I see one.

I recall many years ago, before the WWW explosion, someone posted information challenging the orthodox interpretation of "The Holocaust". At the time I had no doubts about the accepted history. I was fully indoctrinated. I was offended by what he was saying, as were others in the forum.

One day someone posted the man's home address and directions to his house, starting from the USHMM, and encouraged all Jews to get a baseball bat and pay him a visit. I am sorry to say that my immediate reaction was not utter indignation at and condemnation of the threat. I did, however, condemn the threat when asked directly if I though it was right.

(The art of gentle persuasion used to to sustain the historical orthodoxy: Revisionist Historian Suffers Savage Beating )

Before I was banned from the STJ911 forum for my honesty, I suggested that participants not be overly enthusiastic in condemning "Holocaust Deniers" for our unorthodox views of history, since 9/11 researchers might find themselves in the same boat. I believe that was the first of my three transgressions which resulted in my banishment. Be that as it may, I was accused of threatening people with violence by issuing that warning (or some similar nonsense). As absurd as this may seem, it should be verifiable by anyone who has access to the STJ forum.

So here is the situation from my perspective. I am an American[*], and therefore believe that a person should seek the truth and speak the truth as he or she knows it. A person should not be ostracized for the honest expression of his or her opinions or beliefs.

Before I realized 9/11 was an inside job, I had been reassessing my understanding of "The Holocaust". It was a similar experience to that of realizing 9/11 was an inside job - though far more emotionally and intellectually difficult.

I am now in a situation in which I have proclaimed my "Holocaust" heresy and am therefore attacked and ostracized by the self-appointed guardians of the 9/11 Truth movement. The libelous claim from the likes of Jenny Sparks and Victoria Ashley is that I am intentionally trying to discredit or disrupt the 9/11 truth movement by mixing it with "Holocaust Denial". This accusation is typically included in a list with UFO researchers, no-planers, Apollo Moon-landing skeptics, DEW promoters, etc. Indeed this intellectual bigotry was explicitly codified in the Victronix Liar's Paradox:Reject efforts to mix holocaust discussions with 9/11/01. But let's look at her own web site: [**]

That, however, is not enough for them. Even if I avoid the topic, the very fact that I am a "Holocaust" Heretic is used to exclude me from 9/11 forums. "Haeresis est maxima, holocaustum non credere". (My response: Dark Ages)

In conclusion, here's what we have: Anybody who has honestly examined "The Holocaust" will conclude that what is alleged to have happened did not happen. So a rational, intelligent person who has investigated this extremely important issue will conclude that "Holocaust Deniers" are correct. A person of good conscience will say as much, and will therefore become a "Holocaust Denier". It follows that any person conscientious enough to investigate the facts behind one of the most consequential claims in history, intelligent enough to evaluate the available evidence, and honest enough to speak the Truth about what he finds, is (according to the 9/11 Truth(sic) Police) disqualified from the 9/11 Truth movement.

[*] 1774:Susanna and Friend [Quaker] Elizabeth Robinson from Great Britain travel to New England to preach the Truth and seek new Friends. "At diverse meetings previous to the breaking forth of the American war, she had, in an aweful manner, to proclaim the approach of a stormy day, which would shake the sandy foundations of men, and many of the formal professors of our Society should be blown away."

Susanna was the wife of Joseph and the mother of Robert who was the father of George, the father of Robert, the father of Joseph, the father of Seth, the father of James Sr., the father of James Jr. who is my father. My grandma started the American Revolution!

[**]Hey Vic, Hetfield's from the Bay Area, isn't he? One can only imagine if he had someone specific in mind:

Holier than thou

No more!
The crap rolls out your mouth again
Haven't changed, your brain is still gelatin
Little whispers circle around your head
Why don't you worry about yourself instead?

Who are you? where ya been? where ya from?
Gossip burning on the tip of your tongue
You lie so much you believe yourself
Judge not lest ye be judged yourself

Holier than thou
You are
Holier than thou
You are

You know not

Before you judge me take a look at you
Can't you find something better to do
Point the finger, slow to understand
Arrogance and ignorance go hand in hand

It's not who you are it's who you know
Others lives are the basis of your own
Burn your bridges build them back with wealth
Judge not lest ye be judged yourself

Holier than thou
You are
Holier than thou
You are

You know not

Yeah who the hell are you?
Hey you!

Holier than thou
You are
Holier than thou
You are

You know not


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