Monday, December 10, 2007

RE:911blogger|Cui Bono? The 9/11 Promotions

The comments below were censored on 911blogger, and were posted in response to this blog post: Cui Bono? The 9/11 Promotions

You certainly examined a relevant question. Of course, your focus was on the federal government, which neglects the insider trading issues and Lucky Larry, etc. Not to fault you for that. I'm just suggesting that the same approach could be taken there.

One thing worth observing is that some people may simply be rewarded by "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, get promoted". Bear in mind that these organizations are compartmentalized and the security sensitive positions are informed on a classified, need-to-know basis. So a lot of players might realize something is wrong with what they saw, but are encouraged not to push the issue, so they don't. If they saw the bigger picture they might not be so complacent.

Speaking from my own experience, I noticed something very clearly in my transition from casual observer of 9/11 truth to active seeker. When I had seen traffic on the internet about 9/11 truth, I glanced at it, but didn't pay a lot of attention. I've seen a lot of claims over the years which seemed outlandish. Some of them have turned out to be true, and others false, or unverifiable. Until I realize there is some truth to such allegations, they don't seem important. IOW, if someone had ask me before I woke up, how important it would be if 9/11 turned out to be an inside job, I would probably have said 'pretty damn important'. Nonetheless, determining if it was an inside job didn't seem important. Once I realize that it was an inside job, then it became vitally important to me.

Am I making sense here?

That might apply to some of the people you described in your article. That is, it's easy for them to put blinders on, because they don't appreciate the importance of what they are neglecting to examine.

Another important point is that, left to our own, people will get together and exchange recollections and observations about a significant event. In the modern world, the communications industry (MSM) plays a significant role in that process (or the appearance of it). MSM has utterly failed to honor its social contract. It would be mild to accuse the print and broadcast journalism industry of abject betrayal.

In addition to that failure, however, top government officials placed considerable interference in the way of collective analysis of the events. I am referring to gag orders, and suppression of evidence. All of this facilitates the effectiveness of the ignorance is bliss career enhancement strategy.

Unlike his documentary on the assassination of JFK Sr., I don't believe Hankey's final conclusions in the following video are sustained by his evidence. I have to grant, however, that many of his intermediate conclusions seem compelling. This video provides possible insight into how these systemic crimes are perpetrated. IMO, it serves as a relevant case study.

Before someone accuses me of trying to sow disinfo by promoting far-fetched mind control theories, please be aware that Hankey's mind control argument is the part that I find weakest. Also be aware that there really were programs such as MK-Ultra, Monarch, Artichoke, etc. How effective they were is not clear.

Ideas and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of the author. They represent what remains after censorship.

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Note that shortly after submitting the above comment and also sending it to Arabesque, my account was blocked on 911blogger. My final submission contained the comments in the post "Guilt by Association is the Road to Tyranny!!" on this blog. I was banned almost immediately after that. So far I have been banned from every 9/11 site where Arabesque posts, and invariably shortly after sending a message to him him.